Thursday, July 15, 2010

OMG That Was Close (an HDSLR scare)

We were filming a scene in a borrowed location the other night at about 10:30pm. Trying to direct and operate the camera takes 100% of my brain. Not to mention the fact that we filmed the sequence in reverse order. Thank God for script supervisors, and sound guys! If I had to try and do all of that, my head would very likely explode. And because I was holding the camera, it wouldn't even make it on to youtube....

Anyway, like I said things are crazy, I've got this poor actor in a prosthetic, trench coat, and hoodie. AND it's like 89 degrees in there. The next shot we had to film called for a tripod, and I need to switch to it from our shoulder support. Well, I'm doing the switch and after the camera is on the tripod I go to set the exposure and fear strikes my soul. It looks like video. Oh my God, we've been filming in 30p. Now, keep in mind this is after about an hour and a half of work that could have just been flushed down the toilet. And I'm there with the script supervisor in utter terroR. tthat is until I go into the play back menu and hit the info button.

And there it is like a cold glass of water on a hot day, 24p listed on all of my files. Thank you, THANK YOU Canon for including that information on the video files. Come to find out what had happened was when I was taking the camera off of the shoulder rig, I had bumped the mode wheel and switched it to C1 (custom one) which for defaulted to 30p instead of the beloved 24p.

I just moved the mode dial back to 'manual' and of course everything was fine. PLUS none of the clips we had shot previously were in the wrong frame rate!

So lesson learned. Even though things are crazy out there. It's good to take a breath to center yourself.

Whew. That was close.


  1. I got uptight just reading that. I can't imagine how relieved you were. Glad it all worked out!

  2. I'm shooting a short movie with the 7D right now. I'm constantly checking frame rates and resolutions, specially since I had to switch to 720p60 for slow motion for one take.

    In a previous short I did with the HVX200 I suspected one of the ACs changed the frame rate to 24p with pulldown, but hopefully it was on 24pN... So I had my scare back then.

    Having a very attentious AC that knows the camera will always prevent these things to happen.