Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dear Hunter Part II

I'm not quite sure I had permission to make this video...but I was so inspired by the song's tone and lyrics I didn't really have a choice! The song (from the upcoming green album?) asks such a honest/human/ecclesiastical question, which I think is common to everyone. But through pondering that question we're blessed. At least I have been. I mean, look at all the people there, from the children to the elderly and everyone in between. Life is beautiful, and it's a gift! So for me, the video is simply about the question. Because you know what? It's not wrong to ask.

Hope you guys dig on it.

Again, great photos of the evening here.

Ok, I had a ton-of-fun making this. Basically woke up on Thursday morning at 6am and shot footage until 5pm (while taking a break for lunch and watching 30 Rock :). Anyway, I just asked people if I could film them and like, one out of seven people said no. Really awesome. Plus, it was a perfect excuse to test my sweet new slider via igus slider for the dolly shots. LOVE IT. Although, I need to remember to lock it down when I'm moving stuff around. For instance, when I filmed that tough dude in the factory, I went to pick up my my tripod/slider and it wasn't locked down. The slider part (with my camera on it) started to slide off but I caught it JUST before it did...thank God! Cause, you would have been embarrassing crying in front of that tough factory dude.

It was a pretty gloomy day, with intermittent sun poking through here and there. So I had to do some movie-magic to make shots a bit more interesting. Other shots (like of the statues) I left with the grey sky in because it fit the mood better.


In a perfect world, I would have recorded Casey in a better space with better gear, and I would have had him lit better, and put in a different environment altogether with more shots. Anyway I was trying to record and film this at the same time and I'm not too familiar with the Zoom H4N for recording music, so for this song I actually left my camera rolling while I checked the audio. So I had to remove me too. :)


Anyway, if you guys like the song check out the band at

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dear Hunter

When Casey of The Dear Hunter plays a show in your friends living room, you record it. You record it good. And I sort of did that. This song came out quite nice on both the camera and audio recording side of things. That boy's got pipes, and some of the more intense songs suffered from dreaded peaking. I'll post the other songs via just the camera audio soon, they wont be as polished, but still awesome none the less.

Also, if your friend's uncle or sister's boyfriend is some big wig in the music industry, be sure to shove this band in his face until they are signed with a big fatty contract.

I'm just sayin'.

Update: Check Chrissy Deming's awesome photos of the evening here.