Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dear Hunter

When Casey of The Dear Hunter plays a show in your friends living room, you record it. You record it good. And I sort of did that. This song came out quite nice on both the camera and audio recording side of things. That boy's got pipes, and some of the more intense songs suffered from dreaded peaking. I'll post the other songs via just the camera audio soon, they wont be as polished, but still awesome none the less.

Also, if your friend's uncle or sister's boyfriend is some big wig in the music industry, be sure to shove this band in his face until they are signed with a big fatty contract.

I'm just sayin'.

Update: Check Chrissy Deming's awesome photos of the evening here.


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  2. Hot damn. Great song / performance / recording / editing.

    Hopefully this doesn't come across as spammy, but I found this via the TDH forums, and it'd be awesome if you posted the other songs there when they're ready too: http://lakeandtheriver.com

  3. Dan, I'll for sure post some more, and thanks!

  4. Hey dude,

    Might be a little stalkerish but I saw in A pic posted on FB that someone (possibly you) was using a H4n recorder for this - would you recommend it? Thinking about purchasing one haha

  5. Hey Seth,

    I was really bummed that I couldn't make this once and a lifetime show. But this video(and the ones that hopefully will follow) will make me feel a lot better. You guys did a great job making it seem like I was there. I saw some of Chrissy's photos and they were amazing. The video looks great. The sound is awesome. I can't wait to see more songs. Nice work man!

  6. @wtfy I love facebook for the stalkerish reasons! I indeed was using a H4n! And I love it, I've not recorded a lot of music with it (mostly dialogue). It's great, my friends who play music use it, and I use it all the time. Totally recommend it.

    @Ronnie Thanks! I'll have a new song up in on Monday. I did a lot of work on this next one (and it's a new song!) So I hope you all enjoy it.