Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AliBoo Farms

David (my business partner and I) went out on a whim to shoot for a day at this local horse farm. We did three interviews and I used two of them in the final product. This family is impossibly generous, and fun. It was fun getting to know them and being able to get some great footage. I mostly shot with a 7d and a Tameron 17-50. David shot with the 5DmII and traded between his 400mm and 70-200. In my opinion all great lenses. It was at this shoot I just fell in love with the 70-200. Such a filmic image. The lens does cost about as much as a body for a 7d, but it's the glass that makes these images sing. For the interviews I used 50mm on the 7d and the 70-200.

Of course we shot with a flat picture profile so the grading in post was just fun. I converted all of the footage using cineform's neoscene and all of the color work was done in AE using the methods found here.

Before & Afters:
Horses Final (0-00-00-00)_1
Horses Final (0-00-00-00)
Horses Final (0-01-09-15)_1
Horses Final (0-01-09-15)
Horses Final (0-00-55-03)_1
Horses Final (0-00-55-03)

Also the music was a track off a friend of mine's (Greg Wheaton) recent cd. Check him out here. He's an expert guitarist, who's music is just inspiring.

Anyway, you can see I did some simple effects in this film. There's the windmill (just shot against a blue sky and chroma'd out the blue) and of course the OCimage credit.

AliBoo Farms from OC Imageworks on Vimeo.

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