Monday, June 7, 2010

Let Them Eat Gravel

The Gravel Metric is a gravel road ride (don't call it a race...but whoever finishes first does get bragging rights). Anyway we shot this in a day (5D, 7D, & a GoPro) I edited, colored, and rendered it in about six or eight hours.

The Gravel Metric Invitation from OC Imageworks on Vimeo.

So, a few geeky notes. The shot of the barn with the windmill was an effects shot, as was the guy coming out of the tree.

In the barn shot, I replaced a new looking barn with a wind generator in a field, and in the tree shot I removed the guy standing on a ladder handing off the bike.

I will say this, this is one of my favorite projects yet! I fell in love with CloudKicker while working on this, and the guys in that band are very cool.

We shot the on-bike shots from the back of a van, again using the beloved 70-200mm. I love that lens. And these guys(in the video) rock. They were totally cool with us dousing them in baby powder to look dusty, putting them in culverts, drainage ditches, and making them climb trees in those biking shoes.

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